Endring-systeminspirert ledelse i praksis


Dr Rød is also the author of several books on communication, change and team development, both in Norwegian and English.


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Creating Intelligent Teams

The amount of complexity an organisation must hold, manage and leverage simultaneously, is growing at an explosive pace. Knowledge is becoming so specialised that no one person holds all the solutions. When we apply the teachings of chaos and complexity theories to teams and organisations, we can see that they, like any living organism, are in constant motion, impacting and being impacted upon by the environment in which they exist. Creating Intelligent Teams is a different way to initiate, manage and lead effective and positive change for teams and organisations.


Creating Intelligent Teams is an accessible, yet highly informative, resource for anyone wanting to be part of, and co-create, an intelligent team. This second edition includes a background on systems and systemic thinking, placing Relationship Systems Intelligence in a larger context. Creating Intelligent Teams is aimed at executives, agile coaches, HR and OD professionals, consultants and team coaches, In short, anyone who is ready to embrace a new way of navigating and evolving in times of complexity.

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Doctoral Thesis


The thesis, Human Systems in Motion- exploring the application of systemic ideas in teams navigating change, was submitted in January 2020 at University of Bedfordshire, England. The examiners concluded: "This is innovative professional practice. Viva defence very good, extremely reflexive".


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