Changing Change

Organisations and teams are increasingsly finding that past and present approaches to change are no longer sufficient. There is a need for a new mindset to navigate change in today`s complex environment. In systemic thinking, change is accepted as natural and emergent and this impacts how we view and be with change. By shifting our focus from the mechanics of change and the experiences of the individuals, to the energy and possibility in the WE- ness, we can create broader involvement of the many interacting entities at work in the complex eco-systems we are part of.


To fully harness the inherent potential in our teams and organisations, we need a systemic and relational mindset in leaders, teams and organisations. The approach increases the efficiency, engagement and ownership of processes, including change, within teams and organisations, resulting in a resilience needed for survival in today`s market.


Anne Rød`s doctoral thesis, Human Systems in Motion, explores how teams can constructively lead, be in and with, emergence and change, given the challenges they face in today’s complex environment. By helping teams view change, and changing, as something that naturally occurs in their environments, combined with their own experience of change, the teams may approach, and be with change in different ways.


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