Over 30 Years of Experience

Dr Anne Rød, currently an Associate Professor at the Norwegian Police University College, is also an international process facilitation expert, specialising in change and team development. With a professional doctorate in organisational change, she combines her extensive, international experience with the latest research in complexity, systemic leadership and change.


A highly experienced facilitator and keynote speaker, Dr Rød is also the author of several books on communication, change and team development. Through her work, Dr Rød has gained a unique and in-depth understanding of international business, with all its associated rewards and challenges, and she is swift to assess and refocus the strategic requirements of challenging leadership situations.


As part of her international work spanning four continents (including projects in the US, UK, South Africa, Australia, Russia, the Middle East, France, Germany and Scandinavia), Anne has worked with companies in communications and PR, pharmaceuticals, IT, shipping, aviation, finance, property, quality assurance, banking, recruitment, project management, production, teaching, NGOs and public services. Prior to becoming a consultant, she held senior management positions in business and academia for more than 20 years, both in the UK and Norway, and has published numerous books and papers on organisational and strategic communication, as well as on intercultural competence.


Said about Anne: ”From the moment you meet Anne, you’ll never forget her. And that is before you start working with her. Anne is personable, quickly understands and assesses the situation or problem, constantly adjust her program or approach depending on the feedback. She is great to work with, she provides learning experiences for her participants and has a vast toolbox everyone will enjoy using in the process of achieving results”.


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Through her doctoral research, Human Systems in Motion- exploring the application of systemic ideas in teams navigating change, Dr Rød has developed the Wheel of Systemic Ideas. This interactive framework combines systemic ideas with those from traditional management, allowing for new conversations around challenges facing the organisation. The model can be applied to different change topics and contexts, enabling dialogue that breaks up binary thinking and preferences for linear and normative approaches to change. The use of systemic ideas can contribute to dialogical spaces where assumptions are questioned, positions challenged, relations woven, safety and curiosity developed, reflection, learning and innovation encouraged.