A Common Plattform


We are fast approaching the end of a paradigm where success has been measured in production and consumption. Organisations are increasingly finding that the logics of yesterday are insufficent when facing  the challenges of tomorrow. To prepare for the next paradigm we need to re-examine our basis for business, explore what is needed next and how we can play a significant part in this. The Wheel of Systemic Ideas helps your team develop the skills needed for successful interactions at all levels, engaging effectively in conversations that relate to difficult topics across departments and functions. The Wheel of Systemic Ideas combines systemic ideas with those familiar to us from traditional management.


The model can be applied to different change topics and contexts, enabling conversations which break up binary thinking and preferences for linear and normative approaches to change. The use of systemic ideas can contribute to dialogical spaces where assumptions are questioned, positions challenged, relations woven, safety and curiosity developed, reflection, learning and innovation encouraged. Interested to learn more or to try this approach in your team? Contact us for more details.

Wheel of Systemic Ideas