Intelligent Teams

Creating a team environment where individuals gel and perform optimally together is not easy. Much relies on our ability to view the team as a whole system rather than a group of individuals, and for the whole team to learn to think systemically. This implies that the team members learn to see and experience themselves as part of a larger system, equipping them to solve complex issues together. It is about moving beyond the personal to a powerfully generative concept of WE- ness. This enables a team to tap into their inherent knowledge, creativity and capability, and move from success to success.

Our complexity approach to team development is based on systemic thinking and is tailored to the team`s present context. We focus on the team`s current operational challenges, needs and objectives while improving performance and interactions. Within this context we work with four dimensions:


• Developing the team´s potensial and collaboration
• Developing the team`s ability to navigate change constructively
• Practical application of communication and collaboration tools
• Cascading team processes further into the organisation

The team process is constantly mirrored to the the unique context, needs and objectives of your team or organisation. Contact us for more information.

Team Whispering 
This unique programme is designed for teams who are ready to go the next level and explore what role the team is ready to take on in the world to address the challenges facing us? The work explores the team’s higher purpose and potential, and how this can be translated in an organisational context. It embraces work on spiritual and practical levels, developing the power of the WE- ness.
The programme includes one day introductory seminar followed by a four modules spanning 10 months. It is offered to clients all over the world.